A Happy New Year And What To Avoid In 2015

happy new yearIt’s my first day siting back at my desk, and I’ve eased myself in by catching up with emails and generally getting things in order while listening to a few tunes.

One thing that has struck me is the amount of emails offering me ‘magic bullet’ answers for making my fortune online.

Whether it is strategies or software, they are…


…going to do all the work for me, and do it by lunch time tomorrow!

To paraphrase them all, I just need to fork out the cash to buy their offering and sit back scratching my ar*e while the money just roles in…

…oh yes and I’ll probably become irresistible to the opposite sex
in the process!


Sorry to be so crude…

manatwork…but I just wanted to emphasise to anyone that will listen, that the only place that reward comes before work is in the dictionary!

The trouble is, that people coming into the online world get sucked in and become disillusioned when the false hopes aren’t realised…

…and that is frankly criminal.

Given the right strategy, and the required amount of effort success can be available to just about anybody.

So if you are desperate to make your first few quid/bucks online, please please ignore the snake oil sales men out there.

Find yourself a proven strategy that works, work it and keep the faith.

The rewards are there for sure.

As they say ‘Keep calm and carry on’


One of the most proven and certain strategies is having your own sales funnels.

When I came across the following WSO it caught my attention as it takes the strategy and breaks it down to allow anyone to benefit from it:


I got in straight away as I’m a great believer that even the most established of ideas can be refreshed by a slightly different approach.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Of course there was a lot of stuff I am very familiar with in the 9 videos…

…however what I did find is that it was well laid out and simple to follow.

So anyone not aware of the strategy would be able to pick it up very quickly and easy.

As experienced as I am in this area, there was still stuff I learnt.

I especially liked Module 3 and the AIDA formula.

The Day 7 information was also very intriguing and I will be investigating that in much more detail.

He even gets into several ways of getting the traffic to your funnel.


He claims to be able to show you how to turn $7 customers into $2000+ customers.

I don’t think that you will be able to do this to all your customers by any means…

…but I do think the principles would work and will allow you to make the most of your customers….whilst importantly treating them in the right way.

The author also believes in value, as he pulls out all the stops with the bonuses he is also giving away.

So all in all if you are determined to make 2015 THE year you finally make your mark, this is the product could give you the route map to that success.


Anyway have a read of the sales letter…

…and of course fully check out the feedback from others who have invested in the training…

…and see what you think.



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