62% Conversion rate has to be worth checking out…right?

If time is tight for you today and you are after a decent solo ad provider, click the link below, if you want to know the reason why you should click, continue reading….

Chris Molo’s Solo Ads

You may have heard from some people that solo ads are dead in the water.

And I would probably agree that there a lot of less than quality providers out there.

However I wanted to let you know of an experience I had recently.

As you are probably aware I’m a great fan of solos as a way of getting instant targeted traffic…

…and as such it should be no surprise that I invest in solos all the time.

However the results I got from one provider the other day really got me smiling!

Just take a gander at these results to understand my pleasure.

I ordered 100 clicks from Chris at $40

I got 178 clicks…excellent figures, but clicks mean nothing on their own.

I got 111 subscriptions (a 62% subscription rate)…

…again fantastic figures, but I’ve been around long enough to know that conversions and subscription rates also mean nothing on their own.

The key stat though was I also got 6 front end OTO sales!

In other words I have more than paid for the solo and that is before the subscribers go through my follow up mails.

More importantly, what this tells me is that Chris has a true ‘buyers’ list…

…something that is a rare thing in this day and age.

As I say it is not my normal kind of mail today, but I am constantly being asked by members of my list if I have solo ad providers that I use and can recommend.

Ordinarily I don’t like doing this…

..but on this occasion the results were so good I thought I would pass them on.

So if you are someone who is looking to do a solo, but are not sure who to use, you might want to check Chris out, click below to go to his Udimi account…

Chris Molo’s Solo Ads

I’ll just finish by emphasising, that nothing in this life is certain, so I am NOT guaranteeing you will get the same results as me.

I’m just saying that Chris sells a pretty mean solo and is worth checking out.

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