Don’t Let Your Initial Success Hinder Your Long Term Success

Once you have got a start with your internet marketing, it is very easy to sit back on your laurels  and pat yourself on the back.

And why not?

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent months…

…if not years…lab

…getting to a position where you start bringing in subscribers and perhaps even the odd sale or two.

Why not bask in some glory for a bit?

I know I did, and I think this is important to give you a renewed impetus to continue.


(You just knew there was going to be a ‘however’ didn’t you)

It is very easy for a minor success to stop an even greater success.

For example, a squeeze page that adds 40 new subscribers to your list for every 100 people viewing it you would probably regard as a decent return…

…if not make you ecstatically happy!

But what if with a slightly different squeeze page could achieve a conversion of 60 subscribers from 100 people…

…an extra 20 people per 100 that you wouldn’t see if you stopped at the first sign of success.

If we start to compound this by adding one time offers into the mix, it becomes even more toe curling.

Again let me paint the picture for you.

Let’s imagine that you offer a highly related offer to all the new subscribers costing $10.

And let us say that the conversion rate for this offer is 10%. In other words for every 10 people who see the offer, 1 person will purchase it.

So with our first squeeze page where we had 40 people subscribing, 4 people will buy our offer = $40 – not bad

However for the tweaked squeeze page, you now see 60 subscribers, which all see your offer…

Which equates to 6 people purchasing the offer = $60…

…a lot better!

So you can see in this instance, if you settle for the initial results you will lose out on 20 new subscribers and $20 on every 100 people who see your offer.

…and that’s before we even consider if the product we are offering is the best converting in the situation!

These sorts of figures soon add up!

So what can you do about it?

Well I’m sure there are a few of you are miles ahead of me…

test pic…Testing!

Split testing is where you compare one offer/squeeze page with
another so that you can check which is the best.

This might be a totally different design, or more likely a ‘tweak’ to the original

So if nothing else today, take a look at your business and just consider; do you REALLY know that you are getting the best results from what you have out there?

As good as your results are, you will never know for sure if they are the best you can get.

So get testing and make sure your results are the best that they can be.

I know some of you will appreciate the need to test, but believe it is just two complicated or expensive.

After all, have you ever tried to set up a split testing experiment in Google!!!

My brain almost dissolved and dribbled through my nose when I tried!

So I thought you might be interested in this brilliantly simple bit of software I have found:

URL Revolution

This plugin allows you to test out various squeeze pages or offers in possible the most simple way possible.

It’s basically you just enter the addresses of the pages/offers you want to test…

…and it just does the rest.

Simple to set up and simple to edit…you can’t get better than that.

After all you are here to make money and not be spending your time setting up complicated split tests!

Let this software do the work for you.

The other brilliant thing about the software is the simple price tag.

Multi license and still less than a tenner (at least at the time of writing this)

Imagine how much time this is going to save you and the improvement to your conversions it will create.

Check it out in detail now by clicking below:

URL Revolution

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