AutoResponder Mail Magic

picsigHi, I have designed this program to ensure you are getting the very most from the emails that you send to your subscribers.

Your emails are the primary way that you are going to communicate with your list and therefore they are absolutely key to your success.

There is a huge amount of useful and practical information contained within the videos below.

Therefore my suggestion to you is threefold:

  1. Watch the videos with a notebook to hand and scribble down notes as you go along
  2. This will not only make sure you retain the maximum amount of information, it also ensures you are fully listening to the information being given.
  3. I also suggest you watch the videos at least a couple of times, as you will always pick up slightly different things each time you complete the training.
  4. And of course, thirdly, as good as the information here is, if you don’t follow up and action what you have learnt you may as well not have bothered and saved you money.  PLEASE PLEASE take action with the information I’m supplying you with.

AutoResponder Mail Magic

Lessons and Supporting Material

Introduction and Objectives

The Magic Ingredient

Grabbing Their Attention

Creating Magic Content


Call to Action

Developing and Short-cutting the Process

Below you will find several examples of the types of mails I talk about within the videos.  All have been taken from my AR Mail Genie membership site:

The ‘Two-Stage’ mail example

The ‘Story’ mail example

The ‘Quick Heads-up’ mail example

The ‘Educational’ mail example

Note how I still try to introduce some personality whatever the type of mail to continue building the relationship and rapport with subscribers .

(Please feel free to use them as a template for your mails)


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