1. sam

    I like your offer and your explanation of the bonuses and their relevance. I was considering another persons offer with bonuses because … well they just had a Mountain of Items, like worth $10,000 but your bonuses are actually relevant.

    The only bonus you offer which is an insult is the 2 week email support. I mean there is not going to be enough time to go into the program and see what questions there might be in 2WEEKS. You might want to just leave that off or make it 3 months, unless of course your aren’t sincere and then just leave it to give the appearance that you care.

    You probably won’t post this.

    • Andy Waring

      Hi Sam

      Thanks for your feedback, I do appreciate you taking the time to write and I’m sorry that you think one of our bonuses is an insult.

      In response to the length of support, I would honestly say that 2 weeks will be more than enough time to look through all the training material and put it into operation (as you saw from my review there aren’t loads of videos to trawl through).

      We have found that if we offer longer, it encourages people to just sit on the material thinking they have plenty of time, and then life just catches up with them and the training gets forgotten about.

      I would also say (although I probably shouldn’t), that unofficially, neither Dan or I would ever totally ignore someone who needed a spot of help with what they were doing 🙂

      Wishing you all the best


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