1. This reminded me of a book I read and I am afraid, haven’t put into practice: The Slight Edge, probably was waiting for your practical application.

    Thank you very much for reminding me that I have to start:

    “Do one simple, daily discipline in each of these seven key areas of you life -your health, your happiness, your relationships, your personal development, your finances, your career, and your impact on the word -that forwards your success in each of those areas”

  2. John Reed

    Nice One Andy!
    I never was a runner, Discus-Javelin and Falling Plate Shoots were my specialties. But I like your thread, it links up well as well as making sense.
    I got thrown into my first Great North Run aged 46 when I insisted that all the Officers at the Apprentice Training College Harrogate all take their Fitness Tests under my tutelage. One “Runner” tore a chest muscle doing his dips on the parallel bars and I then felt duty bound to run the Race for him as Entries were so limited.
    I did finish ok in about 2 hours 10, and then ran it again 9 years later when i was 55 – The Millennium Run (2 hours 20 – but I did train for it that time). Now I’m a decrepit 71 and can hardly run for a bus so I’m having to adjust my lifestyle to match, and my Marketing Style as well…………… all the best, and thanks for recommending Brendan Mace to me!

    • Andy Waring

      Glad you liked it. The way I’m feeling this morning after the run, I also feel like a 71 year old who couldn’t run for the bus 🙂

  3. Jerome

    Hi Andrew! Thanks for the funnels!..Andrew, which of the funnels below would be best for a newbie to start? Also, I would need you to set it up for me or your team,… How much would that cost me and how long before the set up is completed? Also, would you be able to assist me with getting the right type of traffic for the funnel?

    Thanks Andrew!




    • Andy Waring

      Hi Jerome

      I would suggest as a newbie, the best funnel for you would be this one:

      It is available at a low starting price ($4.99) and although you get a fully illustrated step by step set up guide I do also give you the option to go for the full done for you service.

      I hope this helps and if there is anything else please drop me a line via the Contact Me link.

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