It’s a Big Day – Part Deux

I wrote a few weeks ago about my son’s attempt to pass his driving test.

Unfortunately on that occasion, he literally met an unexpected obstacle (a car broken down on the slip road) .

As he didn’t have the experience of this happening before, he didn’t quite do what was regarded as ‘correct’ and therefore failed.

Fast-forward to yesterday morning, and he went through the process again, this time with a successful out come.

torn-l-platesYes he no longer needs L plates on his car!

(Is it wrong that my first thought was ‘There are my lifts up the pub sorted’? ;-))

Now this success was despite the fact that he is slap bang in the middle of his A Levels (the exam taken by English school children at the age of 18).

As you might imagine, as the A levels are going to determine whether or not he can get into University (or at the very least which, university he can get into) it is therefore a time of some stress.

So despite easily being able to use this as an excuse to not retake his driving test, he realised that there is no time like the present.

And I for one was really please with that sort of outlook.

So how does this link to your attempts at making it online you might be thinking?

Well frankly not a lot – I was just so proud of him I wanted to broadcast it (hope you understand) 🙂

However if there is a parallel I can draw, it would be that when we all start out online, we have little to no experience.

So when we encounter that ‘unexpected obstacle’, we can also do the wrong thing.  However much more important is the fact that you shouldn’t let these hiccoughs along the round derail you completely.

Get back into the saddle as quickly as you can.

Mark it down as invaluable learning and file the experience away for future reference.

Believe me, if you haven’t already faced challenges online…

…you either have only just started, or you are not doing enough!

It’s all part of the adventure we call life!

OK time to start getting even on the lifts I’ve given him over the past 18 years!

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