I’ve gone viral….but not in a good way!!

sneezeI’m writing today full of cold, so please don’t expect a lengthy post…

..and also if I start sounding out of it, blame the medication!

In all seriousness I wasn’t going to do anything today as I feel so cr*ppy.

However I got bored of doing nothing (do you know how bad day time TV really is!!) and so I thought I’d jot down a few of my thoughts

…it’s hardly taxing after all 🙂

The other thing that made me want to write, is the fact I didn’t have to.

Yes you did read that correctly.

I have written because I don’t have to write.

Let me explain my point.

My brother is currently under the weather too…

…but he is employed and where he works, they don’t provide sick pay until he has been off for a number of days.

So guess what, he has had to go in and put in a day’s graft.

Perhaps you relate to this.

However because I work for myself AND I have a business that is set up to run (at least for a little while) without my input…

…I can decide to take a day or two off and the income doesn’t stop.

Now this can mean being able to go out for the day with the good lady wife…

…or it can mean allowing myself a day in front of the TV with a hot toddy not sending emails or updating my blog 🙂

And that it is why it is worth putting in the effort, burning the midnight oil and generally doing what others won’t to create your own online business.

Short term pain for long term gain I suppose.

So if you are stalling or coming up with excuses…JUST STOP IT, chose yourself a strategy, put the effort in and stop being dictated to by life!

Now I have that off my chest I’m going to go back to feeling sorry for myself.

Have a great day and I’ll be back in touch soon (hopefully without the sniffles).

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