WSO Product Creation Whirlwind

picsigHi I have designed this program to make creating your products fast and easy.

One of the biggest problems I see with people trying to create products is that they spend months planning the perfect product – losing out on sales and quite possibly allowing the seeds of doubt to creep in

I hereby challenge you to follow my strategy and create your products quickly.

Do NOT over-analyze the process. Just do it.

The thing is, no matter how much time and effort you put into your first product – it won’t be your best! Your best will probably be your 3rd – 6th product – and there is no way for you to miss out the 1st or 2nd product! So you might as well just do it, get those first products produced…and learn from the process.

You will notice that this course is predominantly mp3s audio lessons with supplementary PDF quick Reference guides and links to video training.

Listen to each recording in the order they are listed on this page, and any mp3 and make notes if you wish (this is something that helps me take information in when listening).  You can download the mp3 to listen to offline by right clicking on the lesson titles.

The purpose of this program is for YOU to CREATE PRODUCTS – So what are you waiting for get to it 🙂

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WSO Product Creation Whirlwind

Lessons and Supporting Material



Introduction and Objectives



Whirlwind Design

OpenOffice Link


Whirlwind Creation

Camtasia Link

Screencast Link


Sales and Download Pages

Link To JVzoo Product Creation Training Video

Link To Warrior+ Product Creation Training Video

WSO_Product_Creation_Whirlwind_SalesPage_Template (PDF)


Perpetual Motion and Conclusions


Special FREE Bonus Product For You



PLR Makeover Bonus Videos

Smart Funnels Bonus Videos

Solo Ads Bonus Videos

Get Access to my Whirlwind Product Creation Coaching

Product Creation WHIRLWIND Coaching

thumbs upIf you want to make sure you have at least one new product within the next month, I’d be happy to provide you with the coaching that will ensure you meet that goal.

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